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Our sales approach is to provide you with the straight forward information, lasting workmanship and the best value. Any questions you have will be answered fully and any concerns you have will be addressed immediately.


Our staff is here for you 24/7 We even have an after hours support line open 24/7/365! 

Turn-Key Solar

All of our systems come with everything you need to get up and running. No hidden parts / costs. Ready to go upon delivery! 


With over 2500 customers and over 48MW installed Peak has the knowledge and ability to work on all projects. From you home to a fortune 500 headquarters. We’ve done it all! 


With two full time engineers on staff every system we sell is signed off by our engineering department. Our systems work right the first time. 


We got in this business because we believe solar energy is the path for a bright future for our children. Everyone at Peak has solar on their home!  

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Our #1 source of new customers come from our existing customers. We’re proud of that.  


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Residential Solar Expertise

Just like buying your home, an investment in a Peak Solar System is a wise choice. A well designed solar system adds lasting value to your home and is exempt from property taxes. There has never been a better time to install solar than now. The 30% Federal Solar Tax credit is in place, modules have come down in price, and the sun continues to shine in America. It is a fact that non- renewable energy prices will continue to skyrocket. A Peak Solar Solar System is a sensible decision, a long term plan, and a great investment.

One day every home will be solar powered. It just makes that much sense.

We work with you to custom design, build, maintain, and monitor a world class solar generation system for your home. The moment the switch is turned on, you will power your home with sunlight, pay lower utility bills, while producing no pollutants or greenhouse gasses.

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Residential solar installation in Mountain View, CA


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Commercial, Governmental, Military and Large Scale Solar Investments too.

From day one, a Peak Solar System generates an income stream. As energy prices rise, your system and income stream become more valuable over time. Your system will pay for itself often within just a few years, after which your solar system produces steady escalating profit. With few moving parts, high quality components, and superior installation, operating and maintenance costs are minimal.

Your business is a balance of expense and income. How often does an investment eliminate an expense and replace it with income?

There is a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit and your system may qualify for MACRS depreciation.

As an early adopter of green technology, installing an Solar System will reduce your operating costs and enhance your business profile in your community.

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Our most popular 100% turn-key systems

Our turnkey solar systems is the best value for the consumer. We pre-package these kits and have them ready to go in our warehouse. For 95% of typical residential customers these kits are the way to go for convenience and value.


For typical 3-4 bedroom residential homes
  • 22 Renogy 250 Solar Modules included
  • 1 SMA 5000TL Inverter included
  • 11 Solar Mount Rail 169 included
  • Necessary Ground Clips / lugs included
  • 48 Mid / End Clips included


For larger homes and businesses
  • 22 Renogy 250 Solar Modules included
  • 1 SMA 6000TL Inverter included
  • 14 Solar Mount Rail 169 included
  • Necessary Ground Clips / lugs included
  • 48 Mid / End Clips included
  • L foot, splice bars, ground lugs included

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