• Energy from the sun is clean and unlimited
  • Installed cost is comparable to Gas or Electric Heaters
  • Virtually no operating cost.  After installation, free heat is generated by the sun.
  • No moving parts resulting in a longer service life and virtually no maintenance
  • Enjoy your pool for significantly more months during the year
  • Solar pool heaters can typically raise the temperature of your pool water by 10 to 15 degrees
  • You made a big investment in your pool – invest in a solar pool heater and enjoy more time in the pool.


As the temperature of the solar collectors increase above the desired set point, the water is automatically diverted to the solar collectors to be heated.  The water is heated by the solar collectors and returned to the pool in a continuous cycle until the pool reaches the desired temperature.  If the temperature of the solar collectors are too low, then the water will not be diverted to the solar collectors.

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