The sun offers an endless supply of clean, renewable energy, so it is no surprise that more people than ever are looking to photovoltaic systems as a viable alternative for powering their homes. Even major utility companies are investing in this technology on a worldwide scale. While the United States is home to some of the larger solar power plants, other countries are also mass producing this type of power. Germany, Spain, China, Japan, Italy, Canada, India and England among the leaders.

Since it’s rise in popularity during the 1980’s, solar technology has grown leaps and bounds. The cost of implementing photovoltaic systems has also fallen drastically. With the recent advent of lower cost solar panels and diy solar kits, the cost of solar has been slashed by a factor of 3 or more.  Depending upon the location of  installation and the incentives available, a home solar system can pay for itself in as little as 3 years.


  • Solar kits may well be the smartest investment you will ever make. The system components have a life span of 25 to 40 years. This means that you very feasibly could have free electricity for life.
  • You can enjoy full immunity from local power outages. Regardless of what happens on the electrical grid, your home will have power.
  • The price of electricity and natural gas steadily increases each year. Installing a solar kit removes your dependence on a third party providers and ensures that you have years of clean, free electricity.
  • Home solar systems raise property values. According to Forbes, homeowners who install photovoltaic systems recover 97 percent of the investment cost when they sell their homes. This is in addition to the free electricity they receive while living in the house. In contrast, a kitchen remodel’s return on investment is only 67 percent. Economists agree that diy solar makes good financial sense.
  • Solar kits have proven to be easy to install, have no maintenance costs, are readily attainable, and are environmentally friendly. There is no other type of energy that can compete with those claims.

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